Its not uncommon for a client to send me a request for a tree survey to support their planning application because their planning authority has flagged up a tree issue. Of course, this is how I make my living, but things should, and could be a lot easier. Once we have spoken for a short while, it becomes apparent that, in many cases, a scheme that has been drawn up by an architect is wholly unsuitable tree wise. This can even result in a tree preservation order being made for a tree/trees, or indeed, the whole site.

In my experience, and according to the British Standard BS5837:2012 (Trees in Relation to Design, Demolition, and Construction), it is far cheaper, quicker, and easier for an architect to design a scheme  around current tree survey data. This means getting a tree survey done as a matter of course to pre empt any future tree issues. Only then is it sensible to draw up a scheme, and if required, the full BS5837 report can be written afterwards.